"Aikido is not a way to fight with or defeat enemies; it is a way to reconcile the world and make all human beings one family."

“The Way means to be one with the Will of the Universe and embody its function. If you are even slightly apart from it, it is no longer the Way.”

“A mind to serve for the peace of all humanity is needed in Aikido, not the mind of one who wishes to be strong and only practices to defeat an opponent. There are neither opponents nor enemies for true Budo. Therefore to compete in techniques, winning or losing, is not true Budo. True Budo knows no defeat, never defeated means never fighting.”

“Aiki has a form and does not have a form. Aiki is a life which has a form and still flows with change; it expresses itself by changing itself. A form without a form is a word in a poem which expresses the universe limitlessly.”

- O'Sensei